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We shall have forests to plant; (..) we shall plant them everywhere. (…) That splendid task, to plant trees for a pure new future. Make future generations grow.” –  Pierre Ceresole, founder of SCI (1920)


There are various international voluntary actions happening this year under the banner of the Climate for Peace campaign.

Climate for Peace (C4P) camps are

  • taking place in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • run in line with the campaign guidelines for organizing climate friendly volunteer activities
  • organised with the aim of either reducing our negative impact on the climate and environment, at increasing our positive impact, or both
  • combination of practical work (with local communities) and a strong learning dimension. Climate for Peace camps can be found in the Online Placement System where you can register and apply directly. 

Where do you want to go? 

There are various countries and a variety of camps to choose from. Of course we want you to consider the travel aspect and encourage you to consider the option of choosing a camp closer to home as well and in that way reduce your footprint. Or if you really want to join a camp that is further away, consider joining another camp in the same country or region to extend your time abroad and have a bigger positive impact on our planet as a way to compensate for the extensive traveling. Good luck in your search! And feel free to contact us for any question at info@scibangladesh.org

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